The book

Compassionate Recovery is a principles based practice guide for healing addictions. Using neuroscience research on trauma and addiction, the reader is guided through a journey from problem to solution. Research on compassion and self-compassion practices reveals the healing that is possible. The book then guides you into individual and community practices to engage in common humanity in your community and beyond.

Do you have bad habits and addictions like these?

• toxic relationships

• addiction to stress

• sex addiction

• food addiction

• social media addiction

• gaming addiction

• compulsive behaviors

• substances

Do you want to feel

• free from addictions and bad habits?

• comfortable in your own skin?

• at mental peace and ease?

• reduced social anxiety?

Darren Littlejohn presents a novel perspective to addiction recovery, based upon scientific evidence, and first-hand embodied wisdom and compassion. Compassionate Recovery is an informative guide comprised of both reasoned and intuitive tools for healing. To influence healing and inspire others to explore compassion within addiction recovery, he invites readers to give feedback that may be applied to future book revisions, as a living resource born from a common collective source of individuals in recovery with valuable wisdom and compassion to share.

Susan Knier, OTD-MH, OTR/L, MBA Certified Teacher of Mindfulness and Compassion-based Interventions

“A brilliant (and very detailed) analysis of the traumatized mind and its relationship to addictions of all kinds, and a proposed path to recovery through compassion – compassion with others, and especially with yourself. A tour de force from the author of  “The 12-Step Buddhist”.

Sober Reader

Do you still suffer childhood trauma, abuse or neglect?

• Find out what it means for your recovery

• Learn how to heal your emotional brain

Are you an empath?

• Learn how to not take on the distress of others

• Strengthen your ability to empathize in a healthy way

Do you need self-compassion?

• Learn how to practice self-compassion in recovery

• Heal your deepest core wounds

Compassionate Recovery is a childhood trauma book, and an addiction recovery book. This integrated, universal, and inclusive approach will guide and empower you to recover from any addiction. If you or someone you love suffers from addictions, get this book. Your healing begins now.


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